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LowV Systems is locally-owned and has a fully authorized and certified group of professionals who are dedicated to quality service.

Annual Fire Protection Inspections

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual Inspections

Fire ExtinguishersThe fire extinguishers in your building are required to be checked by a licensed professional at least once a year annually. LowV Systems will make sure all of your extinguishers are up to latest NFPA 10 Code for proper placement, coverage, and maintenance. After inspection each fire extinguisher will be certified with our current year tag and seal.

  • We Install, Replace, Perform 6-Year and Hydrostatic Maintenance on Units.
  • Let us get rid of the headache, we will keep track of all the records, and keep you up to date on what units need maintenance or replaced.
  • We schedule all of our work in advance, we show up at your convenience.
  • Our customers know what they are getting charged for when their service is performed, no hidden costs or surcharges.

Lighting Inspections

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual Inspections

Emergency lighting is one of the most over-looked pieces of safety equipment throughout most facilities. Let us make sure your employees and customers are able to exit your facility in case of an emergency.

  • Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Sales
  • Battery & Bulb Replacement
  • Installation of Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs (Low Voltage)

Kitchen Suppression System Inspections

fire-suppression-systemLowV Systems is certified to inspect Commercial cooking equipment in accordance with NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. These particular inspections take place Semi-Annually, and each manufacturer has different applications and procedures for their individual systems.

What our Inspection entails?

  • 1/2 Hour to an Hour hands on inspection of kitchen area to make sure facility is in accordance with NFPA 96.
  • Detailed 40 Point Checklist that the customer will recieve that is designed to make sure the system is in functioning order and will cover the given area in case of an emergency. We provide you with a copy in order to forward to your insurance company along with the invoice to prove that the inspection was completed.
  • Current year certification tag that is easily visible near pull station and actual command box of system that is being serviced.

No Contract to tie you down for years!

Absolutely no advanced billing, your invoice will be in the mail once your service is COMPLETED!

Fully Insured and Certified Professional Service.

Please feel free to contact us TODAY for your FREE NO OBLIGATION Estimate!

Although pricing between the different manufacturers is relatively close in dollar, each system can be slightly different depending on links, nozzles, agent, etc. LowV Systems will provide any potential customer with a complete no obligation estimate before any inspection will be performed. We will let you know what you are paying for, long before you ever cut us a check!

We inspect all types of systems! Call for a no obligation estimate today.