New Technology

Arecont Surround Video Omni G3

  • No Touch Setup: 4 Individual Camera Gimbals Each with a Varifocal Motorized Lens That Can be Remotely Setup in Any Position Around a 360┬░ Track.
  • The SurroundVideo┬« Omni G3 is an industry-game-changing first-of-its-kind omni-directional, remote-configurable, multi-sensor, multi-megapixel camera built to provide outstanding high resolution video coverage for a wide range of applications. The unmatched coverage and capabilities of the SurroundVideo Omni G3 provides organizations of all sizes the flexibility to deploy a surveillance camera system that truly matches their current and future requirements for complete situational awareness.

HikVision 360 Panoramic + PTZ Camera

  • Hikvision PanoVu Series panoramic + PTZ cameras, with their integrated design, are able to capture panoramic images as well as close-up images to provide both panorama and details. The panoramic images are captured by eight sensors, which realize 360┬░ panorama monitoring. The integrated design and high speed PTZ offer fast detail positioning over a wide, panoramic area.
  • Furthermore, with its advanced video analysis and multiple targets tracking algorithm, PanoVu cameras also feature a wide range of smart functions for multiple targets within the panoramic view, including intrusion detection, line crossing detection, region entrance detection, and region exiting detection. The cameras could also output alarm signals to link the PTZ for tracking, benefitting users with great improvement on security efficiency.